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Acne Treatment

Acne is a complex issue that needs a personalised approach when selecting the right treatments. SugarPod has a wide variety of products and technology on offer to ensure a bespoke treatment for effective results. The best place to start is with a consultation. Often times the wrong treatment type is chosen for acne resulting in further irritation or not proving to be effective, it is not always best to go in 'all guns blazing' when it is in fact the skin's microbiome that needs addressing.

Back acne concerns are also welcome, it's not just for the face and neck.

Both teen acne (18yrs+) and adult acne are tackled in this treatment, taking slightly different approaches as they are not the same beast and present in many different forms.

Acne Treatment Benefits

Breakouts are reduced and sebum is regulated, improving the overall appearance and confidence. The urge to cover up the skin with make-up is reduced, therefore leading to healthier skin. Just imagine having all that time back in the morning at the make-up mirror!

Acne Treatment Results

Results will of course vary from client to client depending on the severity and cause of the acne to begin with. It is normal to have an acne flare-up after the first session, this will subside and improve with further sessions. A course of treatments will give you long-term results requiring maintenance as needed, this will be discussed.

Acne Treatment Recovery Time & Comfort Level

Recovery time is around a week, you may experience dry patches or acne flare-ups after the first session as the skin becomes accustomed to procedures. SugarPod does not use deep chemical peels or harsh treatments that involve major peeling or shedding of the skin so you do not need to book time off work for recovery. You will be advised on how to care for your skin post treatment and what to expect.

None of the treatment methods used to treat acne at SugarPod are painful, your comfort is always maintained.

Acne Treatment Recommended Sessions

4 - 8 treatments for optimum results.

Course frequency: Every 1 - 4 weeks depending on strength and type of treatment selected, sometimes you will alternate between different products/technologies for the best treatment plan.

Maintenance as needed.

Is Acne Treatment Safe?

Yes, your treatment plan will be selected to ensure both safety and results. The consultation is vital to discuss all medications and overall health, making sure there are no contra-indications to certain treatments, including the risks and benefits of each. Everyone reacts differently to things, which is why a 'one-fits-all' approach is not SugarPod's ethos.

Rosacea info
Rosacea image.jpg

Rosacea Treatment

Rosacea needs to be handled with care. The term 'acne rosacea' is often used, when in actual fact it has nothing to do with acne and should never be treated as such, this can result in major irritation and flare-ups that exacerbate the condition.

The appropriate products and technology will be chosen to achieve the best results for the severity of the rosacea.

Rosacea Treatment Benefits

Rosacea can really knock your confidence and finding a solution is sometimes difficult. The benefits of the rosacea treatment include a reduction in redness, calmer skin and less lymphatic pustules. Often the surface of the skin can become thicker and almost waxy, this treatment will help to restore the skin's texture and help it to become less reactive. 

Rosacea Treatment Results

The speed in which you will see results varies greatly from person to person and therefore patience is important. It depends on which stage your rosacea is at, how long you've had the condition and how you have been treating it so far. Many clients report an improvement after the first treatment. With many triggers affecting rosacea, it takes time to work out how to manage it. I am here to help you on your journey to a calmer, less flushed appearance.

Rosacea Treatment Recovery Time & Comfort Level

It is normal for your skin to be flushed when first embarking on these treatments but it will settle down. There is no recovery time post rosacea treatment although I would not recommend having any plans on the evening of your treatment to allow it to recover at home. Applying make-up immediately afterwards is not recommended. A tinted post-treatment product specifically designed for your skin type can be applied for you if you feel self-conscious.

I always want you to leave SugarPod feeling confident in your skin!

There is no discomfort with the rosacea treatments.

Rosacea Treatment Recommended Sessions

4 - 8 treatments for optimum results.

Course frequency: Every 1 - 4 weeks depending on strength and type of treatment selected, sometimes you will alternate between different products/technologies for the best treatment plan.

Maintenance as needed.

Is Rosacea Treatment Safe?

Yes, rosacea treatments at SugarPod are safe. Always ensure you follow the advice given and make sure to disclose all medications and health issues during consultation to ensure a safe outcome and optimum results.

For example, certain antibiotics can cause photosensitivity which many are unaware of when having medication prescribed by the doctor, things like this are important to discuss. The whole purpose of these treatments is to maintain homeostasis in the skin, not to aggravate it.


Sensitive skin


Cell regeneration

Capillary strengthening

Rosacea & Eczema

Acne, blemishes  &

congested skin

All skins types

1 - 4 treatments

(Regeneration/mild issues)

4 - 6 treatments

(moderate issues)

6 - 10 treatments

(severe issues)

Course frequency: Weekly


as needed

Proven clinical studies performed by NASA. 

LED rejuvenates the skin, strengthen capillaries, boosts the energy in every cell & reduces acne bacteria.


Soothes sensitive skins & heals.


Best results are gained after a series of treatments.

AMAZING TREATMENT FOR ACNE AND MENOPAUSAL SKIN Su instantly makes you feel so comfortable and at ease. I initially went in for anti-aging treatments, but I had been struggling with dry cracked menopausal skin and my adult acne had decided to return before my appointment. Su took a closer look and could see that a course of LED treatment and cold ozone would initiate my sensitive skin to start healing and break the perpetual cycle of me picking sensitive, dry, cracked acned skin and using aggressive products. The results were immediate after only one session! We talked about the products to avoid the ones that will actually hydrate and heal. After cleansing correctly and only using the cream advised, the results continued to improve before my next LED treatment, and my final treatment a week later. I now have clear hydrated dewy skin which I thought an impossibility! The compliments have been coming in daily and I have told everyone I know about Su @sugarpod. She has given me the gift of time and confidence to shine. She’s amazing! 

Nicky G

Hayley D

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