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Congested pores?

Book an Ultrasonic Decongest treatment today!


Ultrasonic Decongest Treatment

If you are in pursuit of cleaner, fresher skin and you suffer with those pesky blackheads then this is the treatment for you!

'Exfoliate' setting - The Eve Taylor® Ultrasonic Micro-therapy Device uses ultrasonic technology to emit 25,000Hz vibrations and longitudinal sound waves from the edge of the stainless-steel blade. When the blade is held at a 45-degree angle and passed over moistened/wet skin, the concentrated ultrasonic vibration penetrates into the epidermis. This oscillates corneocyte cells in the stratum corneum layer. The vibration dislodges the cells and lifts them within the moisture on the skin surface, creating a visible moisture mist. The skin also benefits from the ultrasonic sound waves, propelling surface moisture from the tip of the blade rapidly into the follicles and back out again. This quickly expels pollutants, dirt and grime within a single pass, purifying the skin and removing superficial dirt and sebum for a targeted cleansing action.

'Clarify' setting - The sound waves emitted by the flat edge of the blade passing over the skin vibrate and oscillate the skin tissues underneath. This loosens solidified impaction plugs in the follicles and assists with the release of sebum, by aiding with saponification.

'Ionise' setting - The Eve Taylor® Ultrasonic Micro-therapy Device offers a highly effective method of penetrating and ionising products into the skin using supreme ultrasound technology to create a form of ultrasound and sonophoresis. Ultrasound uses sound waves in excess of 20,000Hz to create physiological effects within the skin tissues. Similar to ripples on water, the waves created increase the penetration of topically applied ingredients into the epidermal layers to achieve intensive results for the skin. 

Ultrasonic Decongest Benefits

  • Loosens & removes blackheads

  • Purifies & cleans the pores

  • Closes pores after extractions

  • Pushes serums/actives into the skin

  • Leaves a beautifully smooth appearance

  • Make-up sits better on the skin

  • Detoxes & exfoliates the skin

Ultrasonic Decongest Results

Results are seen after just one treatment with greater improvements after multiple sessions if necessary. A feeling of fresher, cleaner skin is felt afterwards with products and make-up applying better.

Can be added to other full skin treatments to boost their effectiveness and address multiple concerns. 

Ultrasonic Decongest Recovery Time & Comfort Level

Ultrasonic is a very comfortable treatment with no pain. As the device uses an electrical current, it is normal for the skin to experience stimulation, which may be visible in the form of mild erythema (redness). The device does emit a slight high-pitched noise which requires those with hearing aids to switch them off whilst in operation.

Ultrasonic Decongest Recommended Sessions

As advised on consultation. Treatments can be done regularly, on an ongoing basis to decongest the skin when needed. Some only require one treatment now and again, while others benefit from a few sessions to completely clear the blockages. 

Is Ultrasound Decongest Safe?

Yes it is completely safe and non-invasive.

As with any electrical device it is vital that all medical information is supplied on your consultation form, this is for your comfort and safety.

"Saw Su for the first time today. Really great facial and treatment, I had microdermabrasion with the enzyme peel. My skin felt and looked amazing afterwards and I even bought some of the products she used as I loved them so much!
Thanks Su, you have definitely gained a new customer today."

Nicki D

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