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Pigmented uneven skin?

Rough texture?

Congested skin?

Book a resurfacing treatment today!


ProExfol Treatment

Diamond tipped heads combine with suction to remove dead skin cells & unwanted layers. Microdermabrasion leaves the skin baby soft & ready to absorb serums & creams.

ENZYME PEEL - A powerful, yet gentle enzyme exfoliating solution to clear out pores & refine the skin. Can be combined with microdermabrasion or used as an alternative when mechanical abrasion is not the ideal choice.

ProExfol Benefits

Great for congested skin with lumps and bumps, blemishes and mild pigmentation. Turns dull skin into glowing skin and allows for anti-ageing serums and meso cocktails to penetrate better. The perfect treatment before most other advanced procedures.

Idea for chemical peel intolerant skins. 

For moderate to severe pigmentary issues please see chemical peels.

ProExfol Results

Skin is smoothed, pores are refined and your skin looks 'air-brushed' afterwards. Results are instant.

ProExfol Recovery Time & Comfort Level

No recovery time.

During the treatment you will feel a slightly rough sensation mixed with a feeling of suction as the head works around your skin, it is very comfortable and very satisfying. Many clients report a feeling of satisfaction during treatment as if they are being hoovered and cleaned!

ProExfol Recommended Sessions

1 - 3 treatments for mild concerns.

3 - 6 for moderate concerns.

6 - 10 for severe concerns.

Maintenance as needed, often added to other treatments.

Is ProExfol Safe?

Yes, microdermabrasion is very safe. There is no risk of stray crystals getting into the eyes or mouth. The benefit of diamond microdermabrasion rather than the loose crystal method is that it 'buffs' your skin smooth rather than 'sand-blasting' it, which can often cause irritation and redness afterwards. 

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Chemical Peel Treatment

A chemical peel is a procedure in which a chemical solution is applied to the skin to remove the top layers. The skin that grows back is smoother with fewer imperfections. A light or medium peel will need multiple sessions to get the desired results, SugarPod does not perform deep chemical peels.

Chemical Peel Benefits

The benefits of chemical peeling include: smoother skin, refined pores and blemishes, decreased hyperpigmentation, improvements in scarring, collagen stimulation with anti-ageing results.

Chemical peels are excellent at 're-setting' the skin when it has become mixed up with various issues at once.


A variety of peels to suit the face, chest, hands etc.

10% - 50%, varying pH Levels, AHAs, BHAs

Chemical Peel Results

Most clients see an improvement from the very first treatment, although multiple sessions are recommended when treating specific concerns such as acne or pigmentation. After a course of chemical peels, you can expect results to last 6 months to a year depending on what is being treated.

Chemical Peel Recovery Time & Comfort Level

Depending on the strength, depth, pH and type of peel used the recovery time will vary. Most clients experience increased dryness in the week following treatment, this is normal and can be mitigated with keeping the skin moisturised. Occasionally mild flaking will occur, especially in the areas of acne and breakouts.

When the peel solution is applied you will feel a warming sensation and prickling or tingling will be felt as the peel starts to work, this is only for a few minutes before the peel is neutralised and removed. A soothing and hydrating mask is then applied, often times with LED to boost the cell turnover and healing effects.

Chemical Peel Recommended Sessions

1 - 3 treatments for mild concerns and anti-ageing.

3 - 6 treatments for acne/pigmented concerns

6 - 10 treatments for severe acne/pigment concerns

Course frequency: Every 3 - 6 weeks depending on concern and type of peel being used.


Maintenance as needed. 

Is Chemical Peeling Safe?

Chemical peels need to be administered by a trained professional to be safe. Knowledge of the different types of peels and how they react with various skin types and medications is vital to ensure a positive outcome. Peels are not without risk as there have been reports of allergic reactions, pigmentary issues and scarring following these procedures when performed by an untrained practitioner. A full consultation is always carried out at SugarPod to eliminate risks and ensure the correct peel is chosen for your concern and skin type.

Great for hands

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"I have been having regular facials with Su for some years now but the latest treatments are amazing! My skin looks and feels wonderful and I am sure it helps keep me younger looking than I would without them. The whole experience is relaxing and very therapeutic with Su’s caring and professional approach ensuring fantastic results. After a treatment I feel and look as though Su has once again waved a magic wand, I would highly recommend Su and the treatments she offers."

Carol K

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