Acne scarring, open pores?

Loose, wrinkled skin?

Skin in need of a collagen boost?


Book an RF Microneedling treatment today!


Radiofrequency Microneedling

Massively increases collagen production

Stimulates 2 epidermal growth factors (EGF)

Extremely anti-ageing &

tightens skin

Scars, stretch marks 

& enlarged pores

Wrinkles/fine lines


(see Peels for severe pigment issues)

Loose body skin

Ageing hands


2 - 6 treatments

Course frequency: Every 4 - 6 weeks


12 - 18 months

Microneedling is also available without radiofrequency for younger clients looking for rejuvenation who do not require advanced lifting.

Great for hands

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Radiofrequency microneedling combines two advanced technologies to not only heat deep within the skin where collagen is formed but to also cause a wound healing response that reinvigorates the skin’s natural processes right up to the skin’s surface.

This deep, dermal heating triggers a heat response in your skin that stimulates fibroblasts to produce two new types of collagen which give you natural, long-lasting results in skin tightening and lifting. At the same time, the surface micro-needle stimulation causes a wound healing response to renew the top layers of the skin.

"Had a wonderful micro-needling with Su in October and I’m still seeing the effects of it 2 months later! It was my first facial since pre COVID March 2020 & the difference it has made to my skin is so noticeable. My skin has been so much firmer and a better texture.
The state of the art technology Su invests in really works! None of the serums, gadgets or lotions and potions I have tried myself over the pandemic period have come close to these results!
Can’t wait fir my next treatment!

- Hannah-Kate Meredith

"Su is a first class therapist, so knowledgeable and professional. I booked a few treatments leading up to my wedding and the results were outstanding. I will continue to be a regular customer and wouldn't go anywhere else. Thank you Su x" 

- Sarah Phelps-Burry