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April & May Treatment PROMO

Free Target Face when you book a Back Refresh Treatment

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Back Refresh Treatment

A fully customised back facial to refresh your skin and unwind tension. Starting with a deep cleanse, your back is then exfoliated with a sea salt & seaweed scrub mixed with aromatic oils. You will start to melt into the treatment couch with relaxing and tension relieving movements. Extractions can be performed if congestion is present to clear the skin of blackheads or breakouts, following with a mask of choice depending on whether purification or hydration is required. Finally, moisturiser is applied to leave your back feeling like new!

Addresses concerned such as sensitive, itchy dry skin or congested backs in need of detoxification. Perhaps the muscles have become so tense that they are causing skin issues (yes, that's a thing!) - this is when a magic muscle relieving gel is used to alleviate aches & pains using only natural ingredients with no chemicals that will interfere with medications.

It couples beautifully with face treatments and makes for a wonderful gift, especially those who live alone and find it hard to reach and care for their back.

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Choose Your Target Treatment:

  • Target - ProExfol: (Great for uneven, dull skin) Diamond tipped heads combine with suction to remove dead skin cells & unwanted layers. Microdermabrasion leaves the skin baby soft & ready to absorb serums & creams.

  • Target - HydroSkin: (Great for dehydrated, dry & ageing skin) Electroporation uses an electromagnetic energy to non-invasively allow mesotherapy cocktails & hyaluronic acid to penetrate the skin, improving hydration & decreasing pigmentation. Using controlled electrical pulses, electroporation non-invasively opens temporary micro-channels in the epidermal barrier.

  • Target - Ultrasonic Decongest: (Great for blackheads & congestion) The Eve Taylor® Ultrasonic Micro-therapy Device uses ultrasonic technology to emit 25,000Hz vibrations and longitudinal sound waves from the edge of the stainless-steel blade. The vibration dislodges the cells and lifts them within the moisture on the skin surface, creating a visible moisture mist. The skin also benefits from the ultrasonic sound waves, propelling surface moisture from the tip of the blade rapidly into the follicles and back out again. This quickly expels pollutants, dirt and grime within a single pass, purifying the skin and removing superficial dirt and sebum for a targeted cleansing action.

  • Target - Cold Plasma: (Great for acne, breakouts, rosacea, ageing & dull skin) A low-temperature plasma emitting probe is gently tapped and hovered over the skin after which products or meso cocktails can be applied, resulting in full penetration down to the desired depth.  Contact with the skin is regenerating, increasing collagen production, circulation and lymphatic drainage while providing an instant sterilising effect.

  • Target - Face Treatment (products only): (Great for relaxation) If tech 'ain't your bag' - that's OK! No tech or machines are used in these treatments - they are product only. This may be due to medical conditions restricting advanced procedures or simply that you would like to get your skin back to optimal health before starting a more advanced approach. Let me know your main concern and your wish is my command! You can choose to melt away with a relaxing aromatic oil massage if tension in the face & neck is bothering you.

Back Refresh Treatment - £76

Target Face Treatments - £40

April & May promo: FREE Target Face Treatment worth £40!


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