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Heavy legs?

Need lymphatic drainage?

Book a body Cellusphere treatment today!

HI-EMT Sculpt+
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Celluspheres Treatment

Celluspheres is a non-invasive treatment that uses mechanical compression, micro-vibration and infra-red technology with silicone balls that rotate 360 degrees on a roller. As the balls rotate they exert pressure on the skin, producing a ‘pulsation compression’ effect, this creates a reciprocation motion of pushing, pulling and kneading on the problem area along with infra-red for healing & regenerating effects. Without any damage, this treatment stimulates cell activity, improves blood flow & oxygenation and disrupts the fatty deposits under the skin. It reduces the appearance of cellulite along with relieving muscle soreness & stiffness, eliminates stagnation of lymphatic fluid accumulation and if you didn’t think it could get any better than that…think again, it also stimulates collagen & elastin fibres reshaping your body!

Celluspheres Benefits

Treatment areas include: Abs & Love Handles, Arms & Back, Legs & Buttocks.

  • Reshape the body

  • Smooth cellulite

  • Slow down skin ageing

  • Tone tissues

  • Soothe muscle pain

  • Improve circulation

  • Fight heavy legs

  • Lymphatic drainage

Celluspheres Results

Results are visible after the very first treatment. When treating the legs & buttocks many clients feel that they have 'floaty legs' due to the intensive lymphatic drainage & detoxification process. Results can last up to 6 months depending on your lifestyle, as long as you are not sedentary.

Celluspheres Recovery Time & Comfort Level

No recovery time.

You may experience mild discomfort at the beginning of the session if there is a lot of lymphatic accumulation or you have very sore muscles. This dissipates quickly, the intensity of the roller balls will be adjusted to suit you so don't worry. It is generally a very pleasant treatment experience. After the treatment you will feel invigorated and lighter, just a little warning though - you will need to urinate afterwards and make sure you hydrate, this is good advice when having any kind of face or body treatment.

Celluspheres Recommended Sessions

Recommended: The amount you will need will be discussed with your therapist, this depends on the area being treated, the results you want to achieve and your lifestyle & health. Around 6 treatments are recommended with some clients needing as many as 12 sessions to achieve the desired results.

Course Frequency: 2 x sessions per week

Maintenance: As needed, most clients have a top-up session every month/two months after their initial course. Again, this depends on how sedentary your lifestyle is, along with diet etc.

Is The Celluspheres Treatment Safe?

The Celluspheres treatment is very safe, has no down-time and is totally non-invasive. Certain clients will be contra-indicated for example, varicose veins, deep vein thrombosis, certain medical conditions & pregnancy. It is important to disclose all medical information before you have any clinic treatment in order to keep you safe.

Can I combine this with the HI-EMT Sculpt+ treatment?

Absolutely! This is called 'The Ultimate Body Sculpt' and as the name suggests, this is the ultimate treatment for your stubborn areas. These two treatments combined will build muscle, burn fat, drain stagnant lymph, increase blood flow, increase collagen & elastin and sculpt/tone your body.

Info on HI-EMT Sculpt+.

"Had great body treatments....well worth it! l could definitely see the difference in my body shape, highly recommend it.
Su was v.understanding & supportive throughout."

Renu B

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