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Lift & open the eyes

Needle-free lip plumping

Smooth out lines

Book an eye lift & lip plump treatment today!

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Eye Lift Treatment

Microcurrent is used in the eye lift treatment to strengthen the orbital muscles around the eyes which are prone to weakening and becoming slack as we age. Your eye area begins to age from the age of 19 - how depressing!

Radiofrequency is used to cause the skin to contract, tighten and lift, naturally improving contours and increasing collagen production.

Eye Lift Benefits

Tired looking eyes.

Beginning signs of crows feet.

Puffiness & dark circles.

Hooded eyelids (see Plasma for severe issues).

Eye bags (see Plasma for severe issues).

Eye Lift Results

Results are visible from the first or second treatment and improve over time with consecutive sessions. The eyebrows are lifted and lines are softened around the eye orbit area. The forehead area is also treated to act synergistically to lift the eyebrows, giving a 'wide-awake' result.

Eye Lift Recovery Time & Comfort Level

No recovery time. You can go about your day as normal after the eye lift.

During the microcurrent you will feel a slight twitching sensation, this is not uncomfortable and the level will be adjusted to suit your tolerance. The radiofrequency part of the treatment is very relaxing and warm.

Eye Lift Recommended Sessions

6 - 8 treatments for most clients

8 - 10 treatments for greater concerns

Course frequency: weekly

Maintenance every 4 - 6 weeks

The eye lift is often added to other treatments such as full face and neck lifting.

Is The Eye Lift Safe?

Absolutely, though there are certain people who are contra-indicated due to the electrical element of this treatment. This will be discussed in your consultation.

Lip Plump info

Lip Plump Treatment

Radiofrequency is used to soften lines and wrinkles around the mouth area, at the same time the lip tissue becomes gently plumped, increasing its volume. 


Naturally improves contours and increases collagen production. Say hello to naturally beautiful lips!

Lip Plump Benefits

You can choose whether to have the lines and wrinkles smoothed around the mouth or increase the volume of your lips, it can be fully customised to suit your needs. Most clients opt for having both at the same time to maintain a youthful appearance. This treatment is not designed for those who wish to gain a large amount of volume in the lip tissue such as filler injections, it will only bring back what you once had which has deteriorated due to the ageing process.

The majority of clients who book this are not looking for the 'trout-pout' effect, they are looking for line reduction and collagen stimulation in the lips where loss of volume is a concern.

Great for dry lips, thinning lips and wrinkles around the mouth area. For severe lip lines see plasma fibroblasting.

Lip Plump Results

Your lips will feel revived and hydrated straight away with the lip plump treatment. Multiple sessions are needed for optimum results. Many clients report a plumping effect right from the first session. It is a popular option to add on to full face treatments for an intensive rejuvenation around the mouth.

Lip Plump Recovery Time & Comfort Level

No recovery time.

During the treatment you will feel a relaxing heat sensation around the mouth.

Post treatment your lips feel revived, hydrated, plumped and zingy!

Lip Plump Recommended Sessions

6 - 8 treatments for most clients.

8 - 10 treatments greater concerns.

Course frequency: weekly or every 10 days.

Maintenance every 4 - 6 weeks.

Is The Lip Plump Safe?

Lip plump is totally safe. It’s a non-invasive, pain-free treatment. Nothing is injected, your lip shape is not artificially altered. 

"If you want a real treat and the bonus of looking much younger when you come away, treat yourself to a facial, Sue really is an expert. Today I can honestly say she has got rid of big bags under my eyes and a furrowed brow. Genuinely 5 star experience."

Christine E

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