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HydroSkin Treatment

Electroporation uses an electromagnetic energy to non-invasively allow mesotherapy cocktails to penetrate the skin, improving hydration & decreasing pigmentation. Using controlled electrical pulses, Electroporation non-invasively opens temporary micro-channels in the epidermal barrier.

HydroSkin Benefits

Dehydration and dryness is radically reversed with Electroporation.

Dull and pigmented skin is freshened and key concerns are addressed due to the customisable meso cocktails that are selected during treatment. SugarPod does not believe in a 'one fits all' approach.

Your skin is plumped using the indispensable hyaluronic acid molecule, keeping the 'snap back' in your skin.

Suitable for all skin types, especially those who cannot have the more invasive treatments.

Lines are softened over time & skin appears more healthy & plump.

HydroSkin Results

Results are visible from the first treatment and improve over time with consecutive sessions. Your skin will be plumped and refined. Think of Electroporation as a way to non-invasively manipulate the skin by delivering specifically tailored actives to the lower layers.

HydroSkin Recovery Time & Comfort Level

No recovery time. You can go about your day as normal after Electroporation.

During the treatment you will feel a slight prickling or scratchy sensation but this is not uncomfortable and the level will be adjusted to suit your tolerance. 

HydroSkin Recommended Sessions

1 - 3 treatments for mild concerns.

3 - 6 treatments for moderate concerns.

6 - 10 treatments for severe concerns.

Maintenance is as needed. Electroporation is often combined with other treatments such as radiofrequency to improve results.

Is HydroSkin Safe?

Electroporation is very safe and suitable for almost all skins. Any contraindications will be discussed and covered in your consultation. 

I’ve been having treatments with Su for approx 15yrs now. I like her treatments and my skin always feels amazing afterwards. I also like it as rather than staying with and using the same equipment for treatments, she will upgrade to better equipment as and when she finds it. But she will only upgrade after exhaustive research. She really wants her clients to have the best treatment and leave really pleased with what she has done. She will answer any questions about what she is doing, I’m fairly inquisitive so will frequently ask her about what she’s using and what it’s doing for my skin etc, etc and she’s happy to answer. Very happy Customer!! Highly recommend

Shirley B

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