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Zen Face Treatment

If tech 'ain't your bag' - that's OK!

No tech or machines are used in these treatments - they are product only. This may be due to medical conditions restricting advanced procedures or simply that you would like to get your skin back to optimal health before starting a more advanced approach.


Includes cleansing, exfoliation, mask, stress-relieving pressure point massage, serums and moisturisers. Various skin concerns can be addressed in this treatment from anti-ageing to blemishes and hydration.

The treatment will be tailored to your needs, perhaps you need more blackhead extraction or perhaps your goal is to sink into the therapy couch and zone out with aromatic oils.

This is a perfect first facial to have before embarking on more advanced treatments to restore optimum skin health and let me get to know your skin.

body treatment

Back Refresh Treatment

A fully customised back facial to refresh your skin and unwind tension. Starting with a deep cleanse, your back is then exfoliated with a sea salt & seaweed scrub mixed with aromatic oils. You will start to melt into the treatment couch with relaxing and tension relieving movements. Extractions can be performed if congestion is present to clear the skin of blackheads or breakouts, following with a mask of choice depending on whether purification or hydration is required. Finally, moisturiser is applied to leave your back feeling like new!

Addresses concerned such as sensitive, itchy dry skin or congested backs in need of detoxification. Perhaps the muscles have become so tense that they are causing skin issues (yes, that's a thing!) - this is when a magic muscle relieving gel is used to alleviate aches & pains using only natural ingredients with no chemicals that will interfere with medications.

It couples beautifully with the 'Zen Face Treatment' and makes for a wonderful gift, especially those who live alone and find it hard to reach and care for their back.

back acne LED

Back Acne Treatment

When suffering with acne on the back there are various approaches that can greatly help the condition. Chemical peels & LED are fantastic at reducing inflammation, clearing out the papules, pustules & congestion. With various modalities available such as microdermabrasion & cold plasma, the health of your skin can be restored.

Acne on the back can often have an underlying cause so please give as much detail as possible in your consultation in order for me to successfully improve your concerns.

"I am unable to have advanced electro treatments on my face as i had a skin cancer removed a few years ago. I went to see Su and have been using her for regular facials over the past 9 months. My skin has greatly improved with the products she uses. I now use her skin care products on a daily basis, I was using Dior but her products are definitely better and half the price! Highly recommend this skin clinic for its professionalism to skin care."

Anne F

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