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Welcome to SugarPod Skin Clinic

Your expert for advanced non-surgical treatments

Knowing which treatment to book in for can be confusing - this is where the consultation comes in. In order for me to tailor your treatments & give you the desired results please book in for a chat with no pressure or obligation to book.


Consultations are £22.50 and are redeemed on your treatment booking (within 6 months of consult).


Whilst results and high standards are extremely important at SugarPod Skin Clinic, please be aware of the following before undertaking any treatments:

  • Content on this website and any literature provided by SugarPod Skin Clinic is for general information purposes.

  • Results and course recommendations are a guideline only and can vary from client to client.

  • Results are not guaranteed and can vary from each individual due to unforeseen reasons, therefore no refunds will be given.

  • Clients must adhere to the recommended advice given by the therapist to ensure the best possible results.

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