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At SugarPod Skin Clinic, we understand that your privacy is important and we will treat any personal data you provide us as confidential and this will only be used and recorded in accordance with the GDPR. We promise to look after your data and not commercialise/sell your information in any way to third parties. We want to be as transparent with you about how your data is used.
If you have any queries about this document please contact
We will collect information about you if you provide it willingly. You are not legally required to provide us with your information, but you will need to provide us with personal information to subscribe to our marketing promotions or have a consultation or treatment with us. All other non-service based communication can occur with anonymity.
The details you provide will include your name, email address and for services you will provide name, email, phone number, medical history, photographs and treatment history.
We will keep your personal information for as long as legally necessary and only ever for the purpose it was originally given to us. Thank you!

Privacy Policy
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