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Tighten facial contours

Plump up the collagen & hydrate

Smooth out lines and more

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Power Facelift Treatment

The Power Facelift is the non-surgical face-lift treatment for you if you wish to lift the contours of your face.

Using microcurrent to work the muscles and increase ATP (cellular energy), radiofrequency to contract lift and tighten the skin whilst increasing collagen and finally HydroSkin which uses non-invasive electroporation to push anti-ageing actives and hyaluronic acid deep in to the lower layers of the skin.

This is truly a 'power' treatment for those who are looking for an alternative to surgery and injections.

As the pioneer of microcurrent in the professional skin care industry, Bio-Therapeutic’s equipment sets the standard of excellence. The facial toning systems represent nearly fifty years of experience, and deliver unsurpassed performance in less time with our patented Suzuki Sequencing®.

True Microcurrent represents the gold standard in microcurrent facial lifting by ensuring that the amount of current introduced to the skin is always in the optimal, efficacious output zone and that the frequency shape is optimized for the desired result.

Lines and wrinkles are smoothed and circulation is boosted, bringing a flush of nutrients to the skin.

Power Facelift Benefits

Jowls and jawline sagging are some of the most common areas of concern, this is where the Power Facelift really shines!

The neck area is greatly improved, thinning skin is densified and wrinkles are softened.

Power Facelift Results

Results are visible from the first treatment and improve over time with consecutive sessions. Your skin will be lifted and tightened giving it a glow.

Full benefits are seen after 6 months with continual treatment.

Power Facelift Recovery Time & Comfort Level

No recovery time. You can go about your day as normal afterward.

The treatment itself is extremely relaxing and comfortable due to the fact that it is warm and has a rhythmic relaxing massage motion when passing over the face and neck, much like a hot stone massage for the face.

Power Facelift Recommended Sessions

A course of treatments is recommended for long-lasting results.

4 - 6 treatments (under 40)

6 - 8 treatments (40+)

8 - 10 treatments (70+)

Course frequency: weekly.

Maintenance: every 6 weeks on average, some like to have maintenance sessions every 4-5 weeks depending on various factors such as age or the level of concerns they would like improved.

Is The Power Facelift Safe?

This totally non-invasive face-lifting treatment using microcurrent and radiofrequency is completely safe when operated in qualified hands. You will be asked for feedback during your first treatment to make sure the temperature is comfortable and checks will be made to ensure the skin is not overheated. Some clients may report a mild pinkness of the skin after the procedure but this dissipates quickly with most reporting a beautiful glow. 

I have been using radiofrequency technology at SugarPod since 2013 and microcurrent since 2005, being very experienced in these modalities I can assure you that you are in safe hands.

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"II've had my first treatment today and I honestly went in not expecting an immediate difference - I'm actually lost for words!!! I've seen an instant lift in my skin and no invasive treatments. I wonder if young women out there actually know whether this exists, because it's so much better than putting fillers in your face. I'm so pleased! Su is absolutely lovely. So excited for my next appointment xxxx

Lisa F

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