Plasma Aftercare Advice

Please follow the advice listed here to get the best results from your treatment.

• NEVER pick or scratch at the scabs, let them drop off naturally. There is risk of scarring/pitting/pigment damage if you pick


• The initial feeling of heat and tightness will subside this is normal


• Puffiness can occur around the area especially when treating the eyes this will subside, a cool pack (not frozen) with a hygienic barrier between your treated skin and the cool pack can soothe this


• You must use the aftercare products provided as directed and not use your own products as they may interfere with the healing or cause infection


• Do not wear make-up on the area as the removal will cause the scabs to come off, even mineral make-up with a brush is to be avoided. Only use the healing balm & SPF provided and it will heal as quickly as possible


• Do not cover with plasters or occlusive bandages


• Wear loose fitting clothing if the body has been treated


• Saunas/steam rooms & swimming pools are to be avoided for 2 weeks, swimming in the sea is ok once the scabs have dropped off


• Always have clean pillow case side each night if the face area has been treated and clean sheets on the first evening of treatment if on the body


• Avoid vigorous exercise or sweating for 48 hours post treatment


• Facials after plasma including radio frequency – 4 week wait

Please call or e-mail me if you have any concerns post treatment.