Micro Needling Aftercare Advice

Following treatment your skin will feel warm and have mild redness and slight discomfort, feeling similar to mild or moderate sunburn. It is important to treat the skin gently and follow all advice.


Good tip – change your pillowcase to a fresh clean one on the first night of sleep following needling.


  • Downtime is minimal around 6 - 12 hours post treatment. In some cases redness can be longer in some people, anti-histamine, cold clean compresses and Aloe Vera can be used if appropriate in cases where redness or mild swelling lasts more than a day.

  • Use very gentle cleansing and moisturising products for a few days following. If you are unsure about what to use please discuss. 

  • Stop using any AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids) or retinol products for 5-7 days post treatment or until the skin has fully recovered. No exfoliants/scrubs for a week.

  • Some dryness and light peeling can sometimes happen post needling, this is your skin shedding the old and regenerating the new at a fast rate – it is nothing to worry about. Avoid touching or picking at the flaky skin unnecessarily, keep moisturising.

  • You may experience mild breakouts for a couple of days post needling, this will clear up on it's own, don't pick or squeeze.

  • Mineral make-up can be worn immediately following the treatment but all other chemical make-up should be avoided for 24 – 48 hours post treatment.

  • Some sun sensitivity may be experienced after the treatment and therefore daily application of an SPF30 or above should be worn even on cloudy or rainy days to avoid the risk of hyperpigmentation. (An important good habit to get into).

  • Avoid any heat treatments/saunas or steam rooms for at around a week post treatment. The salt in your sweat can be very stingy and cause irritation and unwanted redness.

  • Avoid vigorous exercise for around 48 hours again, the salty sweat will cause a stinging sensation and discomfort.

  • Fake tan and sunbeds should be avoided for 2 weeks post treatment. Absorption of skin products is greatly increased but we don't want fake tan to absorb that deeply!

  • Because direct sunlight should be avoided for 1 week do not go on holiday to a hot/sunny climate straight after the treatment.

  • Avoid waxing for 1 week post treatment (only on the area treated).

  • Botox or filler injections must be 4 weeks after the treatment.

  • Fine lines and wrinkles may look like red raised lines for a few hours – this is normal. Your recovery time will be dependant on your skin's reactivity and your healing rate. This can vary greatly from person to person.

If you have any concerns pre or post treatment please contact me.