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& non-invasive

 Stubborn fatty deposits?


Skin lacking it's firmness? 

Book a body contouring treatment today!


Lipo Shape

Fatty deposits

Inch loss

Stubborn areas:


Legs & buttocks

Love handles & saddle bags


4 - 8 treatments

(the average is 6)

Course frequency: Every 1 - 2 weeks


as needed

Ultrasound cavitation is a safe way of breaking down fat cells that are then dispersed & removed from the body naturally.


You could loose 2 inches in one session. Average 4 - 6 inch loss over a course.

Radio Frequency Body Firm

Loose skin (mild - moderate, see Plasma for more severe)

'Brazilian Butt Lift' effect

Post weight loss on most areas of the body

Loss of collagen & elastin on the body skin

4 - 8 treatments

Course frequency: Weekly - every 10 days


as needed

The radio frequencies heat the sub-dermis of the skin creating a slimming and tightening effect.

This immediately shortens the existing collagen fibres thereby lifting and strengthening the skin.

"I have been having beauty treatments for a number of years, in salons in many parts of the uk and having many different kinds of treatments and I can honestly say this is the best salon I have ever been to. Su has a vast knowledge, is always kind friendly and extremely professional in every thing she does. You will not be disappointed !" - Liz Hartigan