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Need to sterilise & heal your skin?

Want an anti-inflammatory treatment?

Book a Cold Ozone Plasma treatment today!

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Cold Ozone Plasma Treatment

Plasma Shower treatments are quick, needle-free and effective skin treatments which temporarily open the skin up to the full penetration of topically applied actives while simultaneously having a sterilising and regenerating effect. Plasma, ionised gas, is the fourth state of matter, after solid, liquid and gas.  

A low-temperature plasma emitting probe is gently tapped and hovered over the skin after which products or meso cocktails can be applied, resulting in full penetration down to the desired depth.  Contact with the skin is regenerating, increasing collagen production, circulation and lymphatic drainage while providing an instant sterilising effect.

Cold Ozone Plasma Benefits

Plasma energy always has a positive effect on skin cells.

It is clinically proven to:

  • Increase dermal density

  • Control oil and sebum production

  • Inhibits melanocytes in the epidermis which controls melasma

  • Temporarily detaches skin cellular proteins from their connecting links to allow molecules past the cell wall – this is a fantastic transdermal delivery system for products into the dermis

  • Increases absorption of products up to 120 times

  • Post treatment mesotherapy cocktails and masks are applied and the ingredients are taken straight down to the dermis

  • Creates skin regeneration, collagen remodelling, elastin production

  • Sterilisation – cold ozone plasma completely obliterates bacteria living on the skin, bacteria cannot survive post treatment making it fantastic for people with acne and rosacea

  • Controls inflammation and has wound healing properties

Cold Ozone Plasma Results

Results are seen after just one treatment with improvements in acne and rosacea skins after multiple sessions. A lovely tightening sensation is felt afterwards with the ability to manipulate the skin in the deeper layers, leading to excellent results. Can be added to other full skin treatments to boost their effectiveness and address multiple concerns. Perhaps your skin is in need of a lift so you have booked some radiofrequency, but you also have some breakouts you'd like tackled - this would be a perfect combo!

Cold Ozone Plasma Recovery Time & Comfort Level

There is no redness or bruising post treatment and the sensation experienced is only a tingling warmth. So why is it called 'cold' ozone plasma you may be wondering? This is because the use of plasma energy in this treatment is not hot like the plasma used in fibroblasting for tightening the skin. It doesn’t sensitise or photosensitise which means that other treatments can be done alongside it. There is no recovery time post procedure although you mustn't apply anything to your skin for 12 hours apart from what is recommended. 

No make-up for 12 hours after treatment. No exercise, sauna, steam or heat treatments for 12 hours. 

Cold Ozone Plasma Recommended Sessions

As advised on consultation. Treatments can be done regularly, on an ongoing basis to regenerate, repair and cleanse. A minimum course of 4–8 treatments is usually recommended depending on desired outcome, treatment and skin concern.  Treatments are often done once or twice-weekly but cold ozone plasma can also be done as a one-off intensive skin booster, for an event, as a support for other procedures such as radiofrequency face lifting or LED for example.

Is Cold Ozone Plasma Safe?

Yes it is completely safe and non-invasive.

Is this the same as platelet rich plasma (PRP) vampire facial?

No absolutely not, it is a completely different treatment, PRP is an invasive treatment involving injections of blood plasma back into the face, you may have seen the Kardashians having this done with blood all over their faces, I can assure you that cold ozone plasma is nothing to do with PRP.

Isn't plasma found in the blood?  

The word “plasma” describes two entirely different phenomena. It is both the name for a colourless fluid found in blood, and the name for an ionised gas. It's also a name for a TV - but we won't get into that!

"Saw Su for the first time today. Really great facial and treatment, I had microdermabrasion with the enzyme peel. My skin felt and looked amazing afterwards and I even bought some of the products she used as I loved them so much!
Thanks Su, you have definitely gained a new customer today."

Nicki D

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