Chemical Peel Aftercare Advice

Please follow the advice listed here to get the best results from your treatment.

• It is normal for your skin to feel much drier than it normally is, apply as much moisturiser as you like to relieve this. Avoid highly perfumed products as they can sting and you don't want perfumes in the deep layers of your skin! Sensitivity lasts around 1 – 4 days.


• Always wear a sunscreen of SPF30 or above post peel as your skin is more vulnerable to the damaging effects of UV light especially for 3 weeks post peel.


• Avoid swimming in chlorinated water for 7 days, sea water is fine.


• Do not exfoliate for around 2 weeks after your peel.


• Do not pick, scratch or scrape at the skin if dry patches or mild peeling appears.


• Make-up should be avoided for ideally 12 - 24 hours post peel treatment. Mineral make-up can be applied immediately after.


• If you are in poor health or have health issues which impair your immunity please understand that your healing time may be extended. Be sure to inform your clinician of full medical history and known allergies.


• Do not use a sunbed whilst undergoing peel treatments, this may result in damage to the skin at a much higher rate. Discolouration of the skin is almost inevitable when using sunbeds in conjunction with any professional resurfacing procedure and is very unsafe.


Please call or e-mail me if you have any concerns post treatment.