Auto Micro Needling

3 x trmts increases collagen

by 140%

Increases collagen production

Stimulates epidermal growth factors (EGF)

Extremely anti-ageing

Tightens skin

Scars, stretch marks 

& enlarged pores

Wrinkles/fine lines

(see Plasma for deeper lines)


(see Peels for severe pigment issues)

1 - 3 treatments


3 - 6 treatments

(wrinkle reduction & mild-moderate scars)

6 - 10 treatments

(severe scarring)

Course frequency: Every 2 - 6 weeks depending on depth


as needed, every 6 months is beneficial

With the use of a professional automated device, less painful & more effective than a Micro Needle Roller whilst being able to adjust the needle depth on different areas in one treatment.


At 1200 small punctures per second the results are fast, effective and long lasting treating a denser amount of the skins' surface. 

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