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Acne Treatments

All grades of acne


Rough skin

Unbalanced skin

Teenage acne

Adult acne

4 - 8 treatments

Course frequency: Every 2 - 4 weeks depending on strength


as needed

The appropriate products & technology will be selected to suit your skin, from peels to LED light treatment.


After a consultation your treatment plan will be chosen & discussed.


 Sensitive skin



Cell regeneration

Capillary strengthening

Rosacea & Eczema

Acne, blemishes  &

congested skin

All skins types

1 - 4 treatments

(Regeneration/mild issues)

4 - 6 treatments

(moderate issues)

6 - 10 treatments

(severe issues)

Course frequency: Weekly


as needed

Proven clinical studies performed by NASA. 

LED rejuvenates the skin, strengthen capillaries, boosts the energy in every cell & reduces acne bacteria.


Soothes sensitive skins & heals.


Best results are gained after a series of treatments.

"I had a mini-peel and LED light facial last week. after working a lot of extra hours the past few months, breathing in more paint fumes than usual, i was really starting to see and feel the effects on my skin. Su was amazing! it was so relaxing i fell asleep and my skin was so improved i didn't wear makeup for two days afterwards, and actually felt good about that. my face still feels baby soft and the stress and toxins have gone. highly recommended! thank you, Su." - Shaz Christie